Saturday, April 28, 2012

Operation Men of Valor - Part 4 (A High Calling)

While circled around the campfire ring Pastor Danny Bennett reviewed the Field Manual and challenged the men to live out our high calling as honorable Christian men.

To help understand what that high calling looks like we assembled a briefing headquarters that included a projector, large bed sheet, and sound system in order to view several inspiring Life of Valor videos which were produced by actual Navy SEALs.

The objective was to watch a 5-10 minute video segment then break into squads for a small group discussion using the Field Manual followed by some individual time seeking God and His Word.

It was a powerful time!

Following Session 1 we prepared a taco feast for the men including 20 lbs of ground beef! Judging by the empty cooking pots we had after dinner, I think the guys thoroughly enjoyed the man feast!

To be continued...
(Part 5 coming later)