Monday, April 23, 2012

Update: WCS Costa Rica Mission Trip

The Westside Christian School mission team is moving at warp speed down in Costa Rica!! Laurie & Cara haven't had a chance to blog any updates since the team arrived on Saturday, but I have been in contact with them via texting, facebook, and Skype so I can enter a few quick updates for them:

Saturday 1:15pm (CR time) via text: "They have arrived and are in the van. We are leaving the airport now. Kids are all doing well. They got juice and cookies and are happy."

Saturday afternoon via facebook: "we made it safely to the church tonight. all is good! we will be in touch soon! everyone is enjoying themselves so far! praise GOD!"

Sunday 6:19pm (CR time) via text: "We are doing great! We just left a youth gathering. Our students put on a drama for the youth. They did a great job! Now heading back to the church for some dinner."

Sunday 6:24pm (CR time) via text: "Can't wait to see all that God is going to do. Already seeing God working makes this even more awesome. God is amazing."

Sunday night via facebook: "i didnt have time to update the blog with pictures tonight. i tried to at the church when i got back, but blogger was showing up really weird and i couldnt get to a new post to post anything! its something strange with the computer i think.... off to bed...its really really late, and we have to get up really, really early! ...good nite."

Monday 12:58pm (CR time) via text: "We are having a blast. At waterfall now."

Everything is going great!! During our Skype conversation Laurie talked about the wonderful church service the group attended yesterday, how the WCS youth have begun interacting well with the church's youth group, and the great drama presentation they performed at a youth outreach in a neighboring town. It sounds like their mission trip is off to a fantastic start!! AG2G (All glory to God)!!

PS: We are thankful to the Lord for enabling our ministry to fund the recent addition of internet service to the Fortuna church. In addition to helping the church become more technologically effective year-round, this will also make communication to the US more readily available for our group leaders who need to share regular updates with concerned parents. We have also purchased a powerful wireless router that Laurie just took down. We hope to have it operational as soon as possible.