Thursday, March 29, 2012

MORNING DEVOS (Reliving The Retreat)

There is no greater way to start the day than in the presence of God!!! We are like rechargeable batteries and our spiritual power and energy is slowly depleted as we engage the world. It's vital that each day we plug back into our power source - God - through daily devotions (prayer & Bible study) so that we are recharged, filled up, and overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Laurie led the morning devos which were in James chapter 1. It talks about trials, testing, temptation, perseverance, joy, wisdom, prayer, faith, the crown of life, death, and so much more!! It is definitely a power chapter! Each camper was sent out to find a quiet place and spend some time reading God's Word and talking to God about whatever is on their heart & mind. We then circled back up with our camp chairs and took turns sharing what God taught us through His Word. It's the BEST part of each day. These 8th graders had so much to share about what God was teaching them. It's so amazing to see how the Holy Spirit is at work in each believer and leading them on into the liberating truth of God's Word. God used these 8th graders to teach us a lot from God's Word as well!!