Friday, March 30, 2012


Mission Accomplished!! The kids are grungy, filthy & dirty... but what a great time we had exploring God's playground below the earth! After 2 hours of intensive caving we are back above ground and eating lunch. The group is changing clothes and preparing to head back to Clearwater. I can't help but reflect at what an incredible time we've had together over the past 48 hours. God did some really cool things as He forged new friendships, expanded preconceived limitations, relieved stresses & burdens, built lasting memories, taught us new truths, encouraged us deeply, challenged us spiritually, and blessed us immensely. It has been a God-awesome time together and we look forward to the fruit that will be birthed from this retreat. Our special thanks to youth pastors Ron Cooney & Mitch Kuhn for allowing GTD to have the opportunity to put this event together for their students. We also want to thank their volunteers Steve, Jen, Andrew & Josh who helped Ron & Mitch out on this retreat... and helped GTD with numerous tasks over the past 2 days. They are all great people. It was a special time together that won't be forgotten!! Thank You Lord!!