Friday, March 2, 2012


This is a short encouraging note from one of our former Costa Rica Mission Trip participants - Gina Scarpetta Watkins. It's about the difference God's Word can make in our life's direction.

"Doug! I have the best short version of a story for you! It goes all the way back to Costa Rica. That trip is where I first learned to be still and listen for God. You always gave us verses/passages to read and you sent us to go sit for a while and pray and reflect and at the time, having just become a believer, I was still figuring out what all that meant. Anyway, that trip, Matt chapter 6:24-33 became very important to me and 6:33 became my life verse. It is what I clung to in grad school. I took a picture of it when I saw it hanging on the wall at this church when I went to go lead a retreat one weekend. (it's in my facebook photos). It was their student ministry verse! I was floored! Mainly b/c I was so torn about whether or not I should go. I was glad I did. Fast forward to current life, about a year ago. I was working at grace 17.20 and been praying for a new job for a while and Ravi Zacharias would eat in my restaurant and I had recently met him at a friend's wedding. Well, he left me his book, "The Grand Weaver" and signed it for me, and also added Matt 6:33. I almost fell over! A few months later I landed here at RZIM and I have this amazing story that begins with me stepping out in very new faith to go to Costa Rica! Just wanted you to know b/c GTD was very much a part of that story. Thanks!!!"

Matthew 6:33 - "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

Thank you for this note Gina. It's a quick, yet profound reminder of how one verse can change the course of our entire lives. To our GTD followers: What's your life verse(s)???

My life verses are John 15:1-17!!!