Thursday, February 26, 2015

DAY 53 (52 Days)

CONTINUING ON! GOING THE DISTANCE! So what do you do when a 52 Day campaign completes all 52 days and there is still more wall building to do? Let me answer that with a question, "What do you do when you are running a 26.2 mile marathon and you're only at mile 18 when you hit your 3 hour goal of completion?" Do you stop running or do you finish the race? GTD finishes the race. We go the distance. We continue on. We knew coming into this thing that the time-frame that the Jews completed building the wall of Jerusalem in the book of Nehemiah was unique to their situation. Just because they finished in 52 days doesn't mean we will finish in 52 days no more than if my friend finished a marathon in 3 hours that I will finish it in the same amount of time. We are on day 53 and we aren't finished. GTD finishes what we start so we are striving forward until completion. I'm so pleased with all of the progress so far. We are not the same ministry we were when we started this campaign on Jan 5th. We are better. We are transforming into everything God wants us to be and we aren't stopping because of a date on a calendar. I'm pleased with my personal efforts. I haven't taken a day off in 52 days. I never missed my prayer & Bible reading time. I usually worked 16-20 hours a day from 6:30am till 1 or 2am. I pushed hard for 7 weeks to the point of falling asleep with my eyes open a few times and even hallucinating a couple of times. It wasn't healthy, but I think our supporters and fans would be pleased with my passion and efforts. And now that we are continuing on with our 52 Days campaign beyond the 52nd day we will transition to a lifestyle approach to the work ahead. That means we will take 1-2 days off each week (including a day of rest), work 8-12 hour workdays, return back to physical fitness and healthy nutrition, and spend more quality time with family. All of these things were sacrificed for a season to engage in highly productive workdays, but now we will return to a balance that doesn't drive the body into the ground. So our journey continues. God is doing great things in His timing. The walls will be rebuilt when the walls are rebuilt. We will finish when we finish. Our ultimate goal is to be ready for the next 20 years of ministry by Jan 1, 2016. So we will continue to strive on and post regular updates. We are so enthused about where we are headed. It's an exciting time to be a part of GTD!