Thursday, February 19, 2015

DAY 46 (52 Days)

WORK DAY(S) #2 THIS WEEKEND!! This is our last weekend during our 52 Days campaign and we are using it for another set of GTD Work Days. This weekend we are tackling several projects including The GTD Office renovations. Our office is where trip ideas are converted into trip plans, where dreams are forged into reality, where spiritual impact is birthed. All of the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat, tears, and prayers that goes into building a God-awesome life-changing event happens in the GTD Office. Without a fully functional office there would be no GTD events. Now is the time to take this office and make it better. We are converting one room into something we are calling "The Launching Pad". It will house a GTD Instructional & Discipleship Classroom, a GTD Rental Gear Section, a GTD Do-It-Yourself Adventure Planning Area, and GTD Gear Storage. We are enthused about the potential impact this one room will have in the lives of many people. Inside and outside projects include painting, construction projects, drop ceiling renovations, storage shelves building, wall building, debris removal, corrugated metal cutting and attachment, pallet disassembly, sanding, staining, sweeping, truck washing, weed pulling, organizing, sorting, recycling drop-off, and the list goes on. It will be a weekend of highly productive work as we transform what is to what can be. Click on the link below to sign-up for a few hours or a few days of volunteer work. It's an exciting time to be a part of GTD!

Work Schedule:  Sat & Mon = 10am - 8pm   |   Sunday = 1pm - 6pm
Location: The GTD Office (11495 66th Street N, Pinellas Park, FL 33773)
                 at Fortes Auto & Boat Connection (2 story white building; 1/4 mile north of Bryan Dairy Rd)
Meals: Lunch, snacks, and hydration will be provided on Saturday and Sunday
Sign-Up: Click here to sign-up