Saturday, February 21, 2015

DAY 48 (52 Days)

GOING VERTICAL! We want to profoundly thank the wonderful group of people who gave their time, talent, and treasure today to participate in GTD's Work Day. They made a huge difference in our ministry today! One of the big projects we are undertaking is "going vertical" with our work space. We are "raising the roof" (so to speak) at GTD party central. One of the best ways to create more usable space in an office or house is to maximize the unused vertical space. In our case, we have nearly 3 feet of additional space above our drop ceiling... so we are raising the drop ceiling up to capitalize on nearly 400 square feet of unused space. This will greatly enhance our storage opportunities, our decorative options, and the overall feel of the place we spent the vast majority of our indoor lives. We believe it will have a game changing effect on GTD as a whole. There were several people who helped us today and we want to express our deep appreciation for the time and effort you invested in this ministry. God bless you! Tomorrow we continue on with our work weekend from 1pm to 6pm. The young adults from Smiley"s Coffeehouse are coming over to help do their part in Rebuilding The Walls of GTD! We can't wait! It's going to be a great final week of our 52 Days campaign. It's an exciting time to be a part of GTD =)

Interested in helping Sunday and/or Monday? Click here for details