Saturday, July 14, 2012


The FCD/PPHS Adventure Trip ended this morning. They packed up & departed at 6.30am. As they drove down the forest road they encountered a fallen tree blocking the road. After a few minutes with the chainsaw & some manpower the road was cleared and the group was on their way back to FL... but not before spotting a bear cub on their way out of the forest! We had a great time this week despite all the rain and we pray for the group's safe drive back home.

The next group is already on their way up!! Josh Harris & the middle school youth group from CCSP (Calvary Chapel of St Petersburg, FL) are in route to camp. We have 5 God-awesome days planned and can't wait to kick of the adventures later this afternoon.

Currently Joe & I are preparing for the next group's arrival. Since we had so much rain last week we have A LOT of things to dry out, clean, and reorganize. We are attempting a new labeling system on our food containers that is looking very promising. In addition, we are inventorying and purchasing food, cleaning out & restaking the tents, washing clothes, packing for this week's adventures, and much more. We only have a few hours to get a lot of work done, but thankfully the weather is working for us so far. There is only a 50% chance of rain today - LOL!! Looking forward to a great week!!