Monday, July 9, 2012

Relationship Building

While I love having teams here, I am very excited to have 12 days off from teams to do some relationship building. I love the people here and they are so kind at always inviting me over for a meal or coffee. It's not often if at all that I can ever say yes when teams are here. It would be very difficult and at the same time I always feel bad saying no. Relationships here are very important to me, but also to our mission. I'm praising God for these next 12 days and time I get to say yes to my friends and family here. Yesterday I got to say yes to Alfredo who is Mr Adventure himself who took me on a hike in the rainforest where I got to see white-faced monkeys and some of the most beautiful sites. Last night I got to say yes to Jadidra who invited Toly, Savannah and myself over for dinner and breakfast this morning. And today, I get to say yes to the young adults of the church who invited us to have lunch on the river! I can't wait to see what else I get to say yes to in the days to come, stay tuned foot some updates and photos of our friends and adventures!