Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3 (Relationship Building CR)

Today we had breakfast with the Pastor's family. We ended up spending hours talking and by the end of it the Pastor's wife Mayling offered to paint our nails! I can't remember the last time I painted fingernails, but I really like what she did!
Then this afternoon Savannah and I started to do a little leadership study together. We talked about characteristics of a good leader and ways God has prepared us to be where we are in leadership. I look forward to delving deeper in to our study!
Tonight we had dinner with a good friend Vanessa who sings worship at the church and has two of the cutest little boys around, Nathan and Nigel! She cooked us spaghetti and then we went to the church to watch a soccer game.
After, Savannah and I picked up some ice-cream from a favorite spot and headed over to our friend Lorena's house.
When we got back to the church we found our interpreter hanging out with about 5 of the local boys. Together we ate popcorn and Skyped with one of the GTD interns (Tiffany) who left us about 2 weeks ago!
Now tomorrow we are off to the beach!!!