Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain... & Turtleback Falls (FCD / PPHS Adv Trip)

It has been a very soggy 2 days!! We've had a lot of rain since yesterday afternoon, but everyone is maintaining good attitudes. Today we went to Turtleback Falls & Rainbow Falls. It's a 3 mile hike (6 miles round-trip) to the ultimate waterslide. I love God's playground!! Soon after we arrived the rain started pouring in. While half the group took refuge under the boulders & trees, the other half couldn't get enough of the turtle shell shaped granite waterslide. It was a blast! Afterwards 8 fearless adventurers braved the cliff jump at Rainbow Falls. It was very exciting. We are now on the way back to camp and looking forward to some sloppy joes for dinner. Lord willing & weather permitting we are going to watch an outdoor movie tonight & go rock climbing tomorrow... but it may take a miracle to pull it off since there is "nearly 100% chance of rain" tonight. Thanks for following our blog & thanks for your prayers =)