Sunday, July 1, 2012

From Kore:

We had the opportunity to sleep in this morning; instead we were all (yes, teenagers included) ready to go by 8am!  Beautiful clear skies turned into steady showers at the zip line.  In no way did that dampen our enthusiasm.  I will report lots of joyous and terrified (that was me) shouts.  It was a spectacular to fly thru jungle canopy!  Seeing it while hanging upside down (this was the reason for my terror) added to the thrill.

Our drive back included a viewing of GTD's (property) prior and future plans.  What an explosion of love for the people of Fortuna, Guayabo and Margaritas.  Margarita's dilapidated playground has the steel supports for swings and teeter totters, it just needs extra time and funding.

Nick lead two songs in English during this evening's church worship.  I loved hearing our voices meld with the Spanish singers.  When the "ninos" stepped out for their Youth Night, we were asked to help.  Hearing Caroline and Chloe offer to share their thoughts with (40) two to twelve year olds was inspiring; they did great jobs!  GTD interns lead the singing and hand-signals (with Nick playing guitar) to the song "Every Move I Make".  Watching the ninos dance, laugh and sing melted all our hearts.

Off to bed - we'll be helping an in-need parishioner with a concrete house repair.