Thursday, October 14, 2021


One of coolest and most organic developments for GTD in 2021 has been the natural blossoming of a new demographic into our ministry - young families!! We've successfully worked with middle schoolers, high schoolers, young adults, and middle-aged adults... but other than occassional attendance by young families (many times youth pastors with their family or our young volunteers with their family) we haven't had the honor of expanding our impact to young families. Well you can now check that one off of the list. Probably the largest demographic that we served this year was young families. And it happened so organically. We've been wanting to get involved with young families for the past 15+ years, but we've just never had the time to make that push. Well God decided that this year He was going to enlarge our footprint in that directions... and we couldn't be happier! Because of our amazing supporters and donors we've been able to offer our public events this year for FREE or $25 (to celebrate 25 years of ministry). That really blessed a ton of young families to be able to afford a God-awesome adventure for the entire family without breaking the bank. I can't fully put into words (but I'm going to try) what an INCREDIBLE BLESSING these events were to a ton of amazing young families this year. And I also can't tell you (but I'm going to try) just how much these events UNLEASHED so many kids that have been shackled down for the past 18 months and relegated to watching TV and playing on computers instead of being a healthy functioning kid having fun in the great outdoors with other kids. These kids had so much fun day after day... from sunrise to sunset... soaking up every ounce of adventure with new found friends. Aaaaaaaaand the young parents built lifelong bonds & never-ending memories with their spouses and children. It was a HUGE WIN for every family this year and I will be sharing lots of pictures with you in the weeks & months ahead as we prepare for 2022 and an even larger impact in the lives of young families. Pictured here is one of the young families that came on a private event just for families called D.A.R.E. (Dan And Ron's Excellent) Adventure For Families. This photo was taken in front of Rainbow Falls in Sapphire, NC (it was one of our main destinations in 2021). This family had so much fun!!
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