Monday, October 18, 2021


Unfortunately the group campground we had reserved for Oct 29-31 for a special "Ex-Scream" autumn version of IGNITE has been closed down till the end of the year due to "Public Safety Concerns". What are the public safety concerns? Bear activity? The proliferation of pythons? Crazy people causing havoc to campers? Dangerous gases escaping from a nearby cave? I was wondering the same thing so I called and asked. The safety concern culprit is our newest culture phenomenon: A staffing shortage due to the pandemic. There you go... we will roll with it and pivot to a couple different emphasises to finish off the year: (1) Our Annual Banquet (Nov 16th) and (2) Lots of Volunteer Work Days at GTD Headquarters. We've got lots of work projects and banquet preparations to get done as we prepare for 2022 and our 26th year of ministry >>> Praise The Lord!! IGNITE will be back on the calendar for the spring along with a lot of other cool GTD adventures... More info to come!