Tuesday, July 13, 2021


It was the largest most attended SLAMMED event ever in GTD's 25 year history, and man was it beyond gooood... it truly was GOD-AWESOME! I'm so limited in time right now that I can't elaborate like I want to, but WOW, God blessed us immensely on this year's SLAMMED!! 55 fantastic participants were all-in for 5 days of non-stop focus, freedom, fun, fellowship, & faith (AKA: The 5 F's of GTD) in God's amazing playground and it all culminated into one of our best and most blessed SLAMMED's of all time!! I look forward to sharing all the highlights in the days ahead. A huge thank you to all of our staff and volunteers for their hard work and huge hearts that helped make this event so great! Aaaaaand all of my love and gratefulness to our supporters and prayer warriors that enable this ministry and its impact... you guys are blessing so many lives, including mine!
More pictures and highlights to come!
Going The Distance Adventure Ministry 
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