Saturday, July 31, 2021


2 weeks ago 32 hard-working Jesus-loving singles from CS3040 (Christian Singles in their 30's & 40's) BLEW US AWAY with their volunteer efforts at GTD Central Command (aka: my house). And the most astounding part is that we didn't know a single one of them, and almost all of them had never heard of GTD! 32 "STRANGERS" blessed GTD beyond measure and 14 days later we are still savoring and cherishing the heart and efforts of this astonishing group of people. They had simply read some of our posts on Facebook a few months ago and contacted me to start coordinating the efforts. We planned & prepared, but I never anticipated the level of highly-motivated, hard-working, enthusiastic, loving, capable workers that would show up that day to work nonstop in 95 degree oppressively humid heat that day. It's such an amazing thing to see the Body of Christ in selfless service for a ministry for whom they did not know. And yet, it felt more like a family reunion than anything else. I love that the power of God and our shared bond in Christ makes for an instant Family of God. We are so so so soooooooo touched. We have organized mission trips to help total strangers and we've had plenty of volunteers help in this ministry that we've already known, but I've never been on the receiving end of the level of volunteer efforts from people I've never met before. I can't tell you how beautiful it was and how profoundly powerful it was to experience as the recipient. A friend recently told me that, "When it works right, there no more powerful force for good on this planet that God has ever invented that can compare to the Body of Christ." All I can say is that is exactly what I feel like I experienced!! And to top it off, Chris Wade from People Helping People of Pinellas Park trimmed 6 oak trees!!! He was a one man powerhouse of relentless selfless effort! Aaaaaand, if that wasn't enough, my Dad cooked up pulled pork and made homemade ice cream for everyone!! And my awesome neighbors made delicious egg roles that we all happily devoured! Thank you so much to this amazing group of selfless servants that abundantly blessed this ministry and those who coordinated their efforts!! They got so much done! We are forever grateful and humbled.
Projects included: prepping the top of the storage container for a future silicone cool-sealant, starting to set up the vinyl fencing for the front of the house, pressure washing the back-of-the-property wood fencing for staining, restructuring the inside of the trailer, painting the trailer doors, repairing the dog / storage box, tree trimming, and several other tasks.