Thursday, March 1, 2018

"MARCH"ING ON! (Happy New Month!)

So much going on that I haven't had much time to post updates lately. I'm celebrating 7 months of consistent daily disciplines that continue to bless and launch my life. For 2018 I'm focusing on a different life priority each month and acquiring as much wisdom as I can about that subject in my spare time and then phasing in those truths into my regular lifestyle. As I transition from month to month I continue to maintain and grow in the previous months' lessons. January was all about nutrition as I learned about and adopted the ketogenic diet. I'm 6 weeks into my new nutrition plan and I absolutely love it! I continue to tweak it and customize it to my own body's needs and uniqueness, but I'm experiencing some good results... and it fits perfect with my daily schedule. February was all about financial health. I loved reading "The Richest Man In Babylon" and having a lot of paradigm shifts in my understanding of universal financial principles. In many ways, like so many truths, it's very simple. It just comes down to having the discipline to apply it. Now I'm moving on to March. This month's focus is about "Infrastructure". What I mean by that is that in order to live life at a higher standard you have to create a framework (aka: infrastructure) that supports each change and improvement. When God created the universe He started working with nothing. The earth was without form and void. Then each day He added structure, borders, boundaries, seasons, and timeframes that would serve as an infrastructure to sustain and propel life. In a similar way (especially since we are created in His image) we have an amazing opportunity to create a life with wise structures, borders, boundaries, seasons, and timeframes that help us live out His call on our lives and our fullest potential. I've spent the past 7 months experimenting with and tweaking an effective morning and nightly routine as well as an optimized work schedule and seasonal adjustments. Now this month I'm focusing on putting it all together into a strategic framework and solid infrastructure that supports everything that God has been teaching me and the direction that He is propelling me in life and ministry. All I can say is that with each new lesson comes a greater blessing in my life that makes me more effective in how God made me, more reflective of His glory, and even more fulfilled & satisfied in this amazing adventure called life. I'm sure it probably sounds very boring to anyone who may have read this far into my post, but it is a thrilling experience to me. So I write about it. Healthy discipline picks up where motivation stops and unlocks the door to fantastic discoveries and indescribable breakthroughs. All it takes is some wisdom, some discipline, and some fight to tear down strongholds and self imposed limitations. Christ is the source, but we have to apply it in order to experience it.  Lord willing, I'm looking forward to what lies ahead for the month of March and beyond =)