Friday, March 30, 2018


Happy Good Friday!! One of the endless things I love about being a Christian is having a Christ-centered perspective. Who celebrates the death of an innocent honorable faithful man? We do! Or more personally, I do! What may appear as bad news to the natural perspective is actually good news to supernatural perspective. In order for new ways to begin old ways have to die. In order for new transformations to happen old systems have to die. In order for new liberation to live old bondages have to die. When eternal life & the fullness of life are the direct result of the death of someone who intentionally selflessly dives on the mother of all grenades in order to absorb the shrapnel of sin, self destruction, and eternal separation from God it becomes a day for the rescued to celebrate! Today I celebrate my Hero & Best Friend - Jesus - who lovingly, courageously, & selflessly took all of my sin and the shell fragments that would have shredded my body and soul into and onto Himself. To be so lavishly loved is an everyday reality for the Christian who walks with a renewed mind. Today I celebrate Jesus dying on the cross as "good" because I know it translates into something great. Happy Good Friday friends! We have so much to celebrate! (Not the least of which is that Resurrection Sunday is on the way!)