Thursday, March 22, 2018


I've been blessed to live and work from a 1000 sq ft office / apartment above a boat dealership & classic car garage for the past 12 years. The monthly rent amount has been incredible. The owners are amazing people and have blessed our ministry immensely (Thanks Dom & Clide Forte!). I never thought I would be here this long. And now it's time to start packing up and transitioning to another place locally. The owners need the space for immediate needs, and it's time for me to make a wise investment and become a home / GTD office "owner" (I'm actually the manager... God owns it all!). For the past 4 months I've become addicted to Zillow. I've gone to approximately 35 open houses. I've gone from about a 3rd grade understanding of real estate to a solid middle school level thanks to some great family members and friends. I've got a great Mortgage Lender (Thanks Adam & Heather Zima!). I've received my pre-approved loan amount. I've got an experienced & savvy Realtor (Thanks Debbie Schmidt!). I've got a highly recommended Home Inspector (Thanks PPI!). And, if the seller is willing, I've got a phenomenal Closing Company (Thanks Dana R. Ward!). While all of this may be a stress inducing event to many people, it has been nothing less than a thrilling & exciting undertaking for me. I've loved the entire process! It's the largest purchase in a person's life and I'm divinely blessed to be completely worry free (Thanks Jesus!). I'm filled with so much anticipation and faith about this journey. It's so much fun to grow, and learn, and dream, and embrace new challenges. It's an extremely time consuming process so it has absorbed a lot of work & personal time... in fact, it has felt like a 2nd full time job - but it has all been time well spent. And now I'm to the point of starting to make offers. So I'm asking our prayer warriors to pray for me / us / GTD... for wisdom, discernment, divine opportunities, and faith-filled decisive actions. I'm excited about what lies ahead - even busted water pipes and all the unexpected home repairs. It's part of "owning" something. So here we go on a whole new adventure of another kind!! Thanks for your prayers & support!! I believe this will continue to launch GTD to new levels in so many ways... and I can hardly wait for the path ahead =). More updates to come!