Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My Dad, Traci, Laurie, and I just finished the inaugural 8 session Caregiver Course offered (FOR FREE) by First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. It was literally a gold mine of knowledge, insights, resources, love, and Godly encouragement. We've always been committed to being here for our parents as they age and transition into their golden years of life, but had very little idea of exactly what that looks like. This course supplied an incredible wealth of knowledge that will prepare and equip us for the road ahead while saving us from time squandering, energy wasting, and costly trial & error mistakes. In addition, it exposed us to amazing people, opportunities, and resources we would have never known were available that can help lighten the labor of love that lies ahead. We have been so blessed to have parents that have sacrificed and cared for us for our entire lives, and now we are honored and privileged to repay in a comparatively small way that blessing back to them.

We would like to thank Mike Thompson, Brad Graham, & Pastor Tom Owens for seeing the need and taking the initiative of starting this Caregiver Course that is literally already impacting lives!! Thank you men of God for your hard work and giving hearts!!

And I love that God declares it as a "Top 10 Priority" to honor our parents.

- Deuteronomy 5:16: “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you."

- 1 Timothy 5:4,8: “But if a widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show godliness to their own household and to make some return to their parents, for this is pleasing in the sight of God... But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

It won't be easy, but nothing of value in life is easy.