Friday, December 21, 2018


In recent weeks (and some from a few months ago) we've been able to start doing something we've wanted to do for years - spend some quality time with our awesome friends & supporters of GTD.

These are some of the phenomenal people that God uses to make this ministry possible. (Some we forgot to take a picture with.)

(And there are many more that we can't wait to feast with in the coming months.)

Since we are on the road up to 5 months each year and then playing catch-up for the other 7 months it makes getting together with friends & family a daunting, but cherished task.

We only wish it could be more often and more regular.

But we are excited to be making all sorts of progress in all sorts of areas that we are finally getting to spend some quality time feasting with friends of GTD and expressing our eternal gratitude for the role each person plays in our life and the countless other lives that are impacted through the work of this ministry =)

GTD wouldn't exist without a small army of big hearted supporters, volunteers, prayer warriors, and encouragers. We are honored to call them friends and partner with them in ministry.

We are looking forward to many more gatherings in the weeks and months ahead!

GTD's Feast w/ Friends may be coming to a town near you in 2019 ;)