Wednesday, November 14, 2018


God blessed us with an incredible banquet last night which included touching testimonies, inspiring speeches, delicious food, beautiful ambiance, special moments, great highlights, amazing volunteers, special awards, overflowing attendance, and magnanimous donors!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make last night an astounding success!

We finally completed the tally this morning around 3:30am and the preliminary results are in. We are at an abounding $50,000 raised!! That is a total of $19,000 in donations and $31,000 pledged over the next 12 months. Wow! We are jaw dropped!!

All 3 of our Matching Donation Challenges were achieved last night!! $15,000 was literally double to $30,000 through these challenges!! Thank you so much to our 3 anonymous givers that leveraged their generosity into an overflowing blessing to GTD!! And thank you so much to the many donors last night who met the challenge with executing generosity! We are so blessed and honored to be among such caliber of quality human beings! We praise God for each and everyone of you!!! We are eternally grateful.

So we are off to a miraculous start at our goal of raising $100,000 by Jan 31st (Praise the Lord!). We have several Ministry Partners that weren't able to be there last night that may sign back up for another year of generous support. We have "Giving Tuesday" coming up in 2 weeks. We have end-of-the-year donations coming up in December. We have new budget donors coming up in January. So, with 2.5 months of fundraising to go we are beyond thrilled to be half way to our goal!! Lord willing, that 100k by Jan 31st is within sight and we are pressing on towards the goal!!!!

Thank you so much everyone!