Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One of the most powerful worship songs I've ever heard! Can't hear it enough!!

Jesus transforms VICTIMS into VICTORS! No matter what your history was or your situation is, God defines you with great value & great worth! You are worth dying for! That truth can transform your perspective. That truth can transcend any wound. But that truth can't be forced upon anyone. It has to be chosen. It sounds harsh, but being a Victor or being a Victim is a choice. That harsh truth can radically change your life. You may not get to choose what happened to you, but you do have the God-given power to define its value in your life. Is it your catastrophe or your catalyst? Is it your destruction or your construction? The same pressure that crushes is the same pressure that turns coal into diamonds. The same water that can flood you is the same water that can float you. And here's the most liberating thing: We get to choose. CHOOSE VICTOR! It's a much better quality of life!!