IGNITE Retreat (March 13-15, 2020)


CORONAVIRUS (3/11/2020): If you are experiencing flu like symptoms (or have serious concerns about participating in a group camping trip with 50+ people) do not attend this event. A full refund will be issued. 

CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION - FROM THE CDC - (3/11/2020): All IGNITE participants are asked to practice these healthy habits of illness prevention as outlined by the CDC: (1) Wash your hands often. (2) Avoid touching your eyes, nose, & mouth with unwashed hands. (3) Cover your mouth & nose when you cough or sneeze. (4) Avoid close contact with with people who are sick. (5) Wash your hands often. (6) Wash your hands often. (7) Wash your hands often. 

PAINTBALL CANCELLED (3/11/2020): Unfortunately, due to spring break Word of Life does not have an adequate amount of qualified paintball personnel to work our event. A paintball refund will be issued to anyone who has already paid for this activity.

PROCEED STRAIGHT TO CAMP (3/11/2020): Word of Life is running a large event this weekend and has asked that all IGNITE participants avoid stopping at their Main Office / Conference Center and proceed straight to camp. Print and use the Word of Life DETAILED CAMPUS MAP (created by GTD) to navigate to CAMP. Basically take Word of Life Drive all the way back to the George Theis Assembly Center (you will see numerous cabins named after different countries). Turn right into the "South America" cabin parking lot. At the end of this parking lot is a dirt road. Follow the dirt road 1/4 of a mile back to the camp parking area. Welcome to camp!


2.5 (ROBUST +)
$35 +

IGNITE Camping Trip
March 13-15, 2020 (Fri night - Sun afternoon) - Hudson, FL

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(The video refers to IGNITE as our"Fall" retreat, but this year it will take place in the spring.)

The Specifics

  • IGNITE Camping Retreat
  • March 13-15, 2020 (Fri night - Sun afternoon) - Hudson, FL (2 Days / 2 Nights)
  • 7pm on Friday (Early Check-In: Participants can check-in as early as 2pm)
  • 3pm on Sunday
  (See "What Is Included" and "What Is NOT Included" below)  
  • REG = $99/person  NOW: $35/person!!
  • Paintball (Optional Add-On): $30/person
  • Bunkhouse Cabins (Optional Add-On): $30/person ($15/night per person)
    MINISTRY PARTNER'S DISCOUNT.... $30 (*Does not include optional Add-On's) 
      TO REGISTER:  
    • STEP 2: Select one of our payment options to lock in your spot.
    • Word of Life Camp in Hudson, FL
    • Address: 13247 Word of Life Drive; Hudson, FL 34669
    • GPS: 28°21.648'N, 82°34.200'W
    • Meet at the CAMP area upon arrival as outlined on the Detailed Campus Map (This area is listed as "Camp Site Area 1" on the Driving Map).
    • Tent Camping (or upgrade to Bunkhouse Cabins)
    • Nice Restrooms
    • Warm Showers
    • Camping
    • 2 Morning Devotions
    • High Ropes Course
    • Climbing Wall
    • Zipline
    • Low Ropes Course / Team Building
    • Team Sports (such as volleyball, ultimate, basketball)
    • Camp Games
    • Swimming Pool
    • Nightly Campfires, Bible-Based Messages, Smores... a perfect combination!
    • Outdoor Movie (with family friendly editing)
    • Paintball (Optional Add-On).... Add $30/person
    • Bunkhouse Cabins (Optional Add-On).... Add $30/person ($15/night per person)
    DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
    GTD Set-Up Crew

    Early Check-In (2pm)
    Set-Up Camp

    Retreat Starts (7pm)
    Set-Up Tents
    Welcome & Intro's
    Impact Point
    Campfire & Smores
    Lights Out
    Rise & Shine
    Morning Devos
    Morning Activity
    Afternoon Activity #1
    Afternoon Activity #2
    Impact Point
    Campfire & Smores
    Outdoor Movie
    Lights Out
    Rise & Shine
    Morning Devos
    Morning Activity


    Break Camp
    Closing & Goodbyes

    Depart (3pm)

      MIN. PEOPLE:  
    • 5
      MAX. PEOPLE:  
    • 75
      AGE RANGE:  
    • All ages
    • Full time guides, event planning, all "Included Activities" listed above, all equipment for each activity, tent camping, tent camping gear, base camp equipment, Word of Life usage fees, up to 6 meals, devotions & spiritual emphasis, a God-awesome lifelong memory!
    • Transportation, optional add-on activities & add-on amenities (listed above), additional snacks, individual sleeping bags, water bottles, meals during drive to/from camp, items listed on checklist (see below).
    • Our participants love our meals! They're not your typical camp meals... they are so much better! The following menu is an example of what you may find on a GTD event:
    • BREAKFAST: Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs w/ Biscuits & Gravy, Cereal, Fruit & Bagels
    • LUNCH: Pizza Quesadillas!!, Sandwiches & Chips, Hamburgers
    • DINNER: Tacos, Fajitas, Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, Spaghetti
    • DRINKS: Lemonade, Water, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
    • We don't supply a lot of snacks so bring them if you need them.
    • If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs we will try to accommodate, but we need to know in advance (you may want to bring a few supplemental meals).
    • GTD Waiver [Please print & complete prior to arrival] (Any participant under 18 must also have parent/ guardian sign each waiver)
    • Word of Life Waiver [Please print & complete prior to arrival] (Any participant under 18 must also have parent/ guardian sign each waiver)
    • GTD: 727-692-5296 (GTD cell phone - Doug Garner)
    • Word of Life:727-379-5037 (Office)

    • CAMPFIRE! One of the best parts about camping is the campfire! Every night we will gather around the campfire to fellowship, roast marshmallows, make smores, share "Highlights of the Day", tell funny stories, share about what God is teaching us, sing praise and worship songs, and to participate in our nightly Biblical spiritual challenge we call Impact Point.

    • HIGH ROPES COURSE AND CLIMBING WALL! One of our main activities will be scaling the climbing walls and traversing the 3 high ropes challenges. Without a doubt, this will be one of your favorite adventures of the weekend!

    • ZIPLINE! What goes up must come back down! Your reward for climbing up to the top of the climbing wall is getting to zipline your way back down to the ground.

    • LOW ROPES COURSE / TEAM BUILDING! You don't have to go several stories up in the air to have a lot of fun. The Low Ropes Course will challenge you, build you, and thrill you all at the same time.

    • TEAM SPORTS! Team sports are always a good time, but they are especially fun at camp! Their will be options for ultimate, soccer, volleyball, and basketball on Word of Life's big open fields and courts. It's going to be so much fun.

    • SWIMMING POOL! Who doesn't love to go swimming?!?! During our weekend retreat you will have opportunities to enjoy the large heated swimming pool on campus. Word of Life (WOL) policies require men to wear modest length swimsuits (such as board shorts; no Speedos) and women to wear a modest one-piece swimsuit (or a modest 2-piece swimsuit with a non-see through T-shirt over top). No tankinis or bikinis. Please respect and comply with WOL policies.

    • OUTDOOR MOVIE NITE! We will top off Saturday night by sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and making smores while watching an Outdoor Movie on a big bed sheet! GTD owns over one hundred Hollywood blockbuster movies that have been professionally edited to make them family friendly

    • DAILY DEVOS! God uses camp ministries to impact souls! Don't underestimate how much God can do in your life when you break away from daily distractions and the unrelenting pressures of life and take some time to immerse yourself in His creation while reading His Word. That's a recipe that will refresh your body, renew your mind, resuscitate your heart, and revive your soul! Each morning we will a few minutes doing daily devotions.


    • PAINTBALL (OPTIONAL) (Add $30): Word of Life offers a large fun paintball course at a great price. For $30 you will be equipped with a paintball gun, face mask, and 350 paintballs. (Add $5 for each additional 100 paintballs) to play one 45 minute session with up to 14 other players. You have to use their guns and paintballs on their course.
    • Paintball participants should wear long sleeves, long pants, and layers to help minimize the sting and welts that can occur when shot on bare skin.

    • BUNKHOUSE CABINS (OPTIONAL) (Add $30): Word of Life offers bunkhouse cabins for those not interested in tent camping. There will be guys cabin(s) and girls cabin(s) so families will have to split-up according to genders. Each cabin has electricity, warm showers, toilets, and is climate controlled. The picture above is an example of the type of bunkbeds typically found in a bunkhouse cabin. Cabins are an additional fee ($15/person per night).

    More than just randomly placed tents!

    For TEAM GTD assembling a Base Camp is more than just randomly setting up a few tents, chairs and a mess hall. We want to create an environment that you love. We want to create a Base Camp that is inviting & fun. We want your first impression of your Base Camp to be, "Wow! Sweet! I love hammocks! Who wants to play volleyball! You've got cots, cool! This place is awesome!" Those kind of responses are the kind of responses we get when we set up a Base Camp The GTD Way. The GTD Way is deliberate, creative, functional and fun. At TEAM GTD, our objective is to create a temporary playground that promotes spiritual growth, recreation, community, sound sleep, physical renewal, outdoor dining, fun times, adequate hygiene and warmth while preserving a feel of being in God's amazing creation (which reveals the evidence of God). We hope you love it as much as we do!

    (some equipment pictured above may not apply to this event)

    Here's the gist!

    GTD's IGNITE Camping Retreat is an exciting outdoor adventure located on a secluded group campsite usually around the central Florida area.

    Every fire must first start with a spark and IGNITE will be that spark in your rekindled passion to follow Christ. Like a match being struck, IGNITE will inflame your heart with a renewed passion in your walk with God and fire you up in your daily devotions!

    And if that wasn't hot enough, IGNITE will also incinerate your fears & burn up your burdens as we embark on adventurous activities and explore the majesty of God's creation. We will also explore the consuming fire of God's presence through daily devotions, worship, and nightly Impact Points around the camp fire.

    In our time together you will grow closer to God, make new friends, and build new memories! Don't get burned out! Instead, get fired up by joining us on IGNITE and watch God do something "ablazing" in your life!

    GTD gives you more for less!

    It's very simple, GTD Ministry Partners always receive the lowest price offered on our Pay-It-Now Discount regardless of the date or payment deadlines as well as other various discounts offered on different events! It's our small way of saying thank you for supporting the work of the ministry. Want to know more about becoming a Ministry Partner and all the other benefits that come with it? Click here for details.

    What you should bring


    [  ]  "Travel" Bible (may get wet!)
    [  ]  Sleeping Bag
    [  ]  Pillow
    [  ]  Flashlight w/ New Batteries
    [  ]  2 Water Bottles
    [  ]  Sunglasses
    [  ]  Sun Screen / Lip Balm
    [  ]  Poncho (everyone must have)
    [  ]  2 Plastic Bags (wet clothes)
    [  ]  2 Zip-Lock Bags (very handy)
    [  ]  Insect Repellent
    [  ]  Eyeglasses / Contacts (if applicable)
    [  ]  Any Necessary Meds (if applicable)
    [  ]  WORD OF LIFE WAIVER (Filled out and SIGNED prior to participating!)
    [  ]  GTD WAIVER (Filled out and SIGNED prior to participating!)

    [  ]  Camp Chair
    [  ]  Camera
    [  ]  Favorite Snacks / Energy Food
    [  ]  Extra Money

    Bring proper amount of activity clothes that are lightweight & quick drying.
    [  ]  Activity Shorts
    [  ]  Activity Shirts
    [  ]  Sweatshirt
    [  ]  Seasonal Jacket
    [  ]  Active Wear Pants / Jeans
    [  ]  Activity Shoes
    [  ]  Sandals / Flops
    [  ]  Shade Hat
    [  ]  Modest Swimsuit (see WOL swimsuit policy in the "Swimming Pool" section above)
    [  ]  Towel
    [  ]  Socks
    [  ]  Underwear

    [  ]  NOTE: If you are playing paintball then you should wear long sleeves, long pants, and
              layers to help minimize the sting and welts that can occur when shot on bare skin.

    Toilets and showers will be available.
    [  ]  Wash Cloth
    [  ]  Towel
    [  ]  Soap
    [  ]  Shampoo
    [  ]  Wet Wipes (very handy!)
    [  ]  Toothbrush
    [  ]  Toothpaste
    [  ]  Deodorant (please bring!)
    [  ]  Brush / Comb
    [  ]  Hair Care / Gel / Spray
    [  ]  Razor
    [  ]  Shaving Cream

    **DON'T BRING: Jewelry - or - Valuables**