Thursday, December 29, 2016



It has been 3 weeks since our RECORD BREAKING Annual Banquet and we are still getting caught up on thank you's.

We are still savoring that special night and overflowing with gratitude for all the people who made it so extraordinary.

THANK YOU Morgan Streetman for doing a superb job of MC'ing the event! You rocked it! (especially with that tuxedo!)

THANK YOU Tessa Ward Ashe, Amanda Marie, Jeanette Dunham, Matt Russell, Allison Langenburg, Pastor Justin Facenda, Carie Facenda, The Facenda Kids, Lauren Schaeffer, Richard Dunn, and Traci Garner Vescovi for standing up in front of nearly 200 people and sharing from your heart compelling and well articulated testimonies that touched all of us!

THANK YOU "JAG Award" recipients Tom & Jen Henriksen, Word of Life Bible Institute, and Landry Academy for making such a profound impact in the life of this ministry over the past year that it warranted recognition and the presentation of our highest honor. Thank you for advancing this ministry! We are forever indebted to you with the debt of love.

THANK YOU "Traci Extra Mile Award" recipients Traci Garner Vescovi, Laurie Finger, Carson Vescovi, Garrett Kline, Richard Dunn, Jerry Mullins, Kevin Starner, Erin Powell, William Miller, & The Hardy Huntley Charitable Foundation for going above and beyond the call of duty to serve, support, and advance this ministry over the past year. We are forever grateful!

THANK YOU Banquet Volunteers Kevin Starner, Kaden & Quinn Starner, Adam Zima, Heather Zima Faith & AJ Zima, Dick & Karen LaBrant, Amanda Marie, Richard Dunn, Jeanette Dunham (and her daughters!), Erin Freakin Hegedus, Traci Vescovi, Jerry & Ann Garner, Carson Vescovi, Garrett Kline, Trae Austin, Todd Baker-Rooney, Erin Powell, Bryan Wozniak, Kathy Powell, Tessa Ashe, Rachel Goette, and other helpful volunteers for your hard work, long hours, and positive attitudes to help make this event successful!!

THANK YOU Laurie Finger for planning and heading-up an unforgettable banquet that touched a lot of hearts, especially mine =). And thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words as you presented me with the JAG Award! You left me speechless which is a very difficult thing to do =).

THANK YOU Rob Beswetherick, Morgan Streetman, Dick & Karen LaBrant, Adam & Heather Zima, Kevin And-Ashley Starner for serving as our Board of Directors and faithfully attempting to steer this ministry towards that which glorifies God.

THANK YOU Pastor Charlie Martin for taking the time to make a special video that opened up this night of celebrating! Thank you for being one of my greatest spiritual heroes and investing your time and wisdom and zeal for Christ into my life!

THANK YOU to the 170 people who submitted videos full of testimonies, congratulations, and well wishes!!! I can't wait to watch every one of them!

THANK YOU Champion Donors, Table Sponsors, Ministry Partners, Monthly Partners, one-time donors, and banquet attendees for believing in and supporting this ministry!! God used you to make it a record breaking night!!

THANK YOU to the thousands and thousands of participants who trusted GTD to take them on God-awesome adventures over the past 20 years! We wouldn't exist without you!

THANK YOU GTD Volunteers and Interns who have faithfully served this ministry over the past 20 years. We couldn't accomplish God's call without your partnership. Ministry is a team sport. We can't do it without you!

THANK YOU to those who generously donated items towards our streamlined silent auction and raffles!

THANK YOU Carrabba's Italian Grill for another phenomenal meal!!

THANK YOU Largo Cultural Center for a wonderful venue to host our event and for your good customer service.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THANK YOU GOD for blessing us with 20 years of ministry and giving us so many things to celebrate (namely, YOU!). Thank You for being our source, our drive, our purpose, our motivation, and the reason behind everything we do. As the apostle Paul once said, "What do we have that we have not received?" It's all from YOU and it's all for YOU! Thank you for Your love, Your inspiration, Your calling, Your guidance, Your patience, Your grace, and 10 million other amazing things that make You God!


(PS: I'm sorry if I left anyone out. I tried really really hard to not forget anyone.)