Friday, December 23, 2016

DAY 12 of 12: SO MUCH MORE!

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GTD's 12 Days of CHRISTmas
DAY 12 of 12:
SO MUCH MORE! (Moving & Shaking in 2017)

And on the 12th Day of CHRISTmas we DREAM a little more!
   Of what is already in the works... and of what could be!

We invite you to check out all the things that we working on for 2017... and beyond!

And we invite you to be a part of something God is doing in GTD. Join us on this adventure!


<>  NEW DESTINATION: This year Laurie is picking our new adventure destination to recon. We will then add it to the 2018 calendar. We may open up some of our recon trips to the public!

<>  MORE PUBLIC EVENTS? We may add more to the calendar... Backpacking on the AT? Rock Climbing in TN? Rappelling in GA? Mission Trip to Costa Rica? Canoe Camping in central FL? We will see =)

<>  GTD CLASSES & OUTDOOR SKILLS TRAINING: Ever want to learn how to backpack? base camp? plan trips? paddle a canoe? cave? rock climb? rappel? lead a group devotion? start a non-profit? Well, we are working on making this a reality!

<>  DO-IT-YOURSELF ADVENTURES: Want to put together your own adventures or a family adventure?? GTD wants to help equip you to do just that!

<>  GTD RENTAL GEAR: Need a backpack? tent? hammock? sleeping pad? headlamp? 2-way radios? GTD wants to help get you ready for your adventure!

<>  IMMERSION TRIPS: We are kicking off our first ever immersion trips for a private group in the summer of 2017! We can't wait!!

<>  NEW STAFF & COMMISSION BASED NATION-WIDE ADVENTURE GUIDES: We are in the preliminary phase of looking into the possibilities of adding on a new part-timer as well as long range growth and development.

<>  NEW ADVENTURE(S)? It's our hope that 2017 will be the year we add Tree Climbing onto our list of adventures offered by GTD! And maybe another adventure or two??

<>  LEADERSHIP ADVENTURE CAMP: Another aspect to GTD that we've wanted to add on for years is adventure camps designed to develop leadership in teens and young adults. It's just a dream, but that's where all great things start!

<>  THRiVE DISCIPLESHIP SERIES: This has been a dream for 25 years... and it's getting closer to happening each month!

<>  NEW BACKPACKING LOCATIONS & ADD MORE A.T. SECTIONS: We want to add to our growing list of amazing backpacking destinations, especially on the Appalachian Trail!

<>  WEEKEND WARRIORS: GTD wants to supply more local short weekend adventure opportunities for those who really want to do more adventures, but have limited schedules.

<>  OFFICE RENOVATIONS & EQUIPMENT RESTORATION: We still have many projects to complete!!! Office renovations, trailer repairs, truck repairs, kayak repairs, gear repairs, and so much more!

<>  VOLUNTEERS, INTERNS, AND GUIDES: We need a lot more volunteers, interns, and guides to help with all the projects, trip-prep, trip providing, and post trip clean-up. There are many places in GTD to use your gift for eternal purposes!

<>  MINISTRY PARTNER PERKS: We want to work on enhancing our Ministry Partner perks (such as free use of some gear or opportunities to be involved on recon trips or discounts from local stores and restaurants). We want to bless the people who bless us so much!

<>  GRANT WRITING & FUND RAISING: One area that we have had very little time to invest in is applying for grants and increasing our fund raising efforts. We believe this is going to be a big part of our future.

<>  NEW BOARD MEMBERS, ADVISORY BOARDS, & COMMITTEES: We are building up a new generation of Trustees for our Board of Directors and we hope to create an Advisory Board as well to enhance the ministry. We also plan to create short-term objective-based committees to tackle bigger projects.

<>  NEW GEAR CACHES? We are assessing our needs to see if there is a demand for another gear cache location in 2017. (Utah? Albuquerque? Knoxville?)

<>  NEW BROCHURES & UPDATES TO WEBSITE: We are close to having all new brochures, business cards, and thousands of printed material to promote GTD. We are also in the process of overhauling our website.

<>  SO MUCH MORE! I could add so much more, but you get the picture... a lot of things are in the works and there is plenty of room for you to get more involved!

Thank you so much for your involvement in this ministry! We are looking forward to what God has in store for 2017 and beyond! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support! You are helping to build a ministry that makes a bigger and bigger eternal impact for God's glory!

Follow our daily updates and monthly progress by regularly clicking on our blogsite.

Have a very Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year... and we hope you can join us on this God-awesome adventure in 2017!

God bless you!

This is part of GTD's 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.
Each day during Dec 12-24 we are unveiling a different upcoming GTD adventure (along with its website) that made it onto our 2017 Public Event Calendar. Check back each day for the latest and greatest from GTD!