Friday, December 30, 2016

BIG NEWS!! $5000 Matching Gift Challenge!


GTD received a $5000 Matching Gift Challenge through the end of January!! Every dollar donated (or pledged monthly!!) will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $5000!

YEAR-END DONATIONS: If you would like your donation to count on your 2016 taxes then date your check for Dec 30th or 31st and put it in the mail before Jan 1st. For online donations make your contribution by midnight of Dec 31st.

FUNDRAISING DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31st: With so many intermissions to our fundraising in the month of December we've decided to extend our deadline for NEW MONTHLY PARTNERS through the end of January.

OUR $100,000 GOAL IS WITHIN REACH: As you can see we've already raised $54,000 towards our $100k goal (Praise God! A new record!). If we maximize the $5000 Matching Gift then that will take us up to $64,000. That's only $36k from the goal!! 30 Monthly Partners @ $100/month (or 60 Monthly Partners @ $50/month) would turn this impossible goal into reality!!

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Thank you so much for supporting Going The Distance Adventure Ministry!! God bless you!!

SPECIAL THANKS: Our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes out to our generous Matching Gift Donor!! We are so blessed to be strongly supported by such great and caring people. Thank you so much! God bless you!!