Friday, July 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never... Pics From Carnaval Day!!

Here are some pics from our Carnaval Day with the local kids in Fortuna. About 2 miles from the church is a government housing community for needy families. Pastor Danilo from the church in Fortuna has been wanting to reach out to this community so he asked the Skycrest crew to clean out a run-down multi-purpose building and host the carnaval right in the heart of this needy community. The Skycrest youth passed out flyers the day before promoting the event then spent several hours before the carnaval cleaning up the building & trash filled lot so we could put together arts, crafts, games, and a Biblically based skit. It was a good day... the kids were blessed & God was honored.

(click pic above to see skit video clip)