Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Update

Last night we passed out flyers in a nearby community to invite them to a youth church service scheduled for 2nite. Afterwards we had an AMAZING TIME at Thermo Mania including a fantastic dinner & several hours of heated swimming pools & this kickin' water slide (wait till u see the video of the whole team going down the slide... it was sweeeeeet!!). After Thermo Mania the group had a great Impact Point nightly meeting... full of encouraging words for each other.

Today the group splits up. Doug, Laurie, Kathleen, Savannah, & Kysha head back to the US while the bulk of the group will continue construction work, participate in an outreach yth service tonight, attend a local church service tomorrow morning, and head to the airport tomorrow night. This trip has gotten better & better each day... it's going to be hard to leave.

Update: Doug, Laurie, Kat, & Savannah made it safely to SJO airport and are about to board their flight. Kysha is in route to LIR airport with the super chauffer's wife Maritta.

Keep praying for the team... God is doing some cool stuff :)