Friday, March 15, 2024

MORE PROGRESS!! Tabernacle Church of Tampa Bay Makes BIG Impact In 1 Day!!!

One of my dear friends (who would karate chop me if I gave him credit for saying this) once said something to the effect of, "The Body of Christ (AKA: the church) is the greatest force for good on earth that God has ever created." I couldn't agree more! HUGE THANKS AND A STANDING OVATION for Tabernacle Church of Tampa Bay who came out a couple weeks ago to serve & bless GTD. About 20 members from that church (several of which were kids) swarmed the GTD Storage Container and the area around it and did more work in 1 day than I could have done by myself in a month!! They finished 80 ft of the exterior insulation, attached 80 ft of siding, trimmed hedges, moved building material, raked up 2 truckloads of leaves, and so so so much more!! We kicked off the morning with breakfast and devotions and then jumped into the projects. This group came to work hard (including all the kids) and in a matter of about 6 hours they made a HUGE IMPACT while at the same time having a whole lot of fun & authentic fellowship. I'm so very grateful for all their love for Jesus & hard work, and I love that their church puts a monthly emphasis on serving their community. Check out the pictures to see the progress. So far 2 churches, a few families, and our GTD Staff have helped with this project. It has been such a blessing to watch God work through the Body of Christ! Thank you & God bless you Tabernacle Church of Tampa Bay!!! You blessed us more than I could ever articulate!!