Saturday, November 11, 2023

One of the BEST aspects of being part of a non-profit organization is...

One of the BEST aspects of being part of a non-profit organization is that you get exposed to some of the most caring, most loving, most positive, most supportive, and most generous people!! Although my career path in a non-profit organization requires that I participate in fundraising, I'm not a fund raiser... I'll never be a fund raiser... it's not part of my DNA, and in fact goes against everything in my authentic self to ever ask for any kind of assistance, aide, help, or support - especially financially. Although I don't mind being asked to volunteer or being asked to contribute for any cause (in fact, I like being asked those things), I never like asking others to help. Some may say that's pride or insecurity. Maybe. I'm open to that. But what I've found it more to be is - like my Mom never liked to ask for any help, but loved to help others - is that it is an authentic thoughtfulness of other people's time & resources... it's the part of the heart that says, "I don't want to inconvenience other people or take them away from their priorities." That may be wrong thinking to think that way, but it comes from a place that genuinely respects people's time and resources. So why do I even elaborate on that?? Because I'm going somewhere with this... WE ARE SOOOOOO BLESSED WITH AN ALMIGHTY GOD AND AMAZING SUPPORTERS!!! We are strongly supported by both God & people!! They fill in for my shortcomings. Every year God moves the hearts of amazing people to strongly and generously support this ministry! I don't do that. I can't do that. God does it all! And you guys answer the call God puts on your heart! The beautiful thing from my perspective is that I can't ever get prideful about the yearly accomplishment & funds raised, because I didn't do a single thing. God does it all through you guys! He gets all the credit! You guys get all the blessings! And all it leaves me with is overflowing gratitude for both God & you!! God is at work AGAIN this year... our fundraising season began weeks ago, and it's off to an amazing start!! And I didn't do anything above & beyond to raise funds... God teamed up with you, and you're blessing our socks off AGAIN!! Soooooo from the bottom of my heart - my "don't want to inconvenience you" heart - THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR MOVING SO MANY HEARTS!! Have a great weekend!