Tuesday, March 2, 2021



We have had an unprecedented early registration for SLAMMED and I'm both happy & sad to say that this event is officially SOLD OUT!
We know that there are several people who wanted to register for this event so we are looking at the possibility of adding a 2nd SLAMMED to the calendar. We are looking at June 2-6 in the same area (Brevard, NC) at the same crazy price of $25 per person with all of the same activities. 
We will make our final decision next week. 
If we do add a 2nd SLAMMED to the summer calendar then it will officially (and appropriately) be called "CRAMMED 2021" to distinguish between the two trips and help prevent confusion. In addition, before we open CRAMMED 2021 up for new registrations, we will give the registered participants of SLAMMED 2021 one week to decide if they want to keep their dates for SLAMMED or transfer to the new dates for CRAMMED 2021.
If you are bumming because you missed out on registering for SLAMMED 2021 before it was SOLD OUT then I highly recommend that you go onto the SLAMMED website and sign-up on the SLAMMED Waiting List. Those who have signed up on the SLAMMED Waiting List will be given the first option to register for any new vacancies on SLAMMED or to go ahead and register for CRAMMED after the one week optional transfer period has expired for those already registered.
Thank you to all of our participants who have registered and our amazing donors & supporters for making this once-in-a-25-year-period price possible for families & individuals!! We can't wait for this event!!!
Click here for the SLAMMED website
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