Thursday, November 9, 2017


I've never needed an alarm clock to wake me up early. Zeal for life wakes me up each morning.

My passions, my dreams, my mission, my calling launches me out of bed each morning! God breathed enthusiasm drives me from slumber to striving.

Every. Day. Is. Christmas. When. You. Realize. Every. Day. Is. A. Gift. From. God.

Life is too long to live divorced from your God given dreams, passion, and calling.

You rob the world, your community, the body of Christ, and even yourself when you ignore the gifts, talents, abilities, passions, dreams, and calling that God has planted inside of you.

Chasing the dreams God planted deep within you will lead you on one of the greatest faith journeys of your life. In the process you will grow amazingly close to God as He navigates you through your greatest fears, hurdles, limitations, and barriers. In Christ, you will confront and slay all the giants that attempt to occupy your Promise Land. In fact, you will come to find the actual journey to your destination is as great and thrilling as the final destination itself. And all of it done step by step with your Creator!

When that type of fulfillment is what you wake up to each day, you won't need an alarm clock.... and forget a snooze button! Your daily Christmas will catapult you out of bed =)