Saturday, October 28, 2017


52 squats
75 calf raises
45 leg lifts
45 leg curls
100 crunches
1 protein drink

Despite a ruptured disc in my back, 2 reconstructed knees from torn ACL's, early onset of arthritis in both knees from sports injuries, and 2 legs that chickens laugh at, I still don't skip leg day. I may have to hold back on the amount of weight I want to squat, but I still attack leg day.

I've got mountains to climb, trails to hike, distances to run, and a life journey to walk out. There are plenty of excuses to skip leg day, but far more reasons to attack it. Plus, just the DISCIPLINE of doing it makes it worth it.

We all have a "leg day" type of commitment in our lives that's easy to bail out on, but nothing good ever comes from skipping out on "leg day". Press on friends! It's worth it!