Sunday, October 29, 2017


1 day each week I get to eat anything I want, as much as I want, anytime I want. That day was today!

There's only so much a stomach can hold in a day so it's not as much food as you may imagine. Today I had:

- half order of biscuits and gravy
- 2 eggs
- 3 strips of bacon
- grits
- 5 carmel candies
- small snack size bag of potato chips
- medium meat lovers pizza
- 2 glasses of coke
- 2 banana smoothies
- 1 bowl of ice cream

Usually by the end of CHEAT DAY I'm experiencing sugar induced headaches and a wrecked stomach which is all the reminder and motivation I need to stick to clean eating for the next 6 days. Not all clean eaters need a CHEAT DAY, but I've found it to be indispensable to avoid the perfection trap that often leads to giving up as well as a small reward for 6 days of discipline in addition to the remotivation to keep eating healthy. I love CHEAT DAY =)

While the concept of a CHEAT DAY is great for maintaining consistency for clean eating, it doesn't work for sin binges or spurts of immorality. In those cases it's best to strive for the bullseye.