Saturday, August 22, 2015

Welcome to Hiawassee GTD!!

We are excited to announce a new development for GTD... Our first "Gear Cache" location >>> Hiawassee, GA. Although this may not sound like BIG news, it is very significant. Hiawasee is smack dab in the middle of the southeastern Appalachian Mtns. The AT passes right by here. The tallest mtn in GA is here. We are surrounded by tons of hiking, climbing, and rafting destinations. AND we are about 2 hrs away from 5 different airports... that's HUGE!!! (not a fat joke!!) We will continue to be based out of FL, but we will be caching (storing) a lot of GTD's gear & equipment in Hiawasee which will enable us to run more events ALL year long (not just in summers) and it will open up several new adventure destinations throughout GA, NC, TN, & SC. It will increase our ministry opportunities. It will greatly reduce our costs related to trailering everything up & back. It has the potential to greatly increase our annual revenues. It will open up opportunities for adding on new guides... And a whole lot of other benefits!! Laurie and I (along with 2 friends - Stacy & Anna) have been working on building shelves, cleaning equipment, and organizing gear. It's all coming together and we've loved watching God's hand weaving it all together. We are beyond excited!! It almost feels like we just opened up a new office up here. This is a development related to our "52 Days" campaign as we prepare for the next 20 years of ministry. We look forward to all that God does in and through our first Gear Cache location! Thank you to all our participants & supporters. We love you guys!! PJ!!! (Praise Jesus!!!)