Monday, August 17, 2015

Thanks Landry Academy!!

Our backpacking / rafting trip with Landry Academy ended yesterday. We spent 7 days together in circumstances that can be challenging - sleep deprivation, loss of a sense of control, no climate controlled housing, no toilets, no electricity, no showers, purifying water from a river, exposure to the elements, bug bites, potential encounters with wildlife, sore muscles & joints, inexperienced hikers, non-stop human interaction 16 hrs per day with strangers of a wide variation of ages, and many other circumstances that go into outdoor adventures. But do you know how many times we had conflicts, arguments, lashing out, or drama??? Absolutely zero!!! The situation was ripe for tensions and understandable disagreements, but the level of character displayed by the Landry participants was second to none. We had 3 students that were 13 years old and we watched as they helped everyone around them. We had parents in their 50's being stretched past previous limitations and we watched as they helped everyone around them. One of the greatest aspects of running this ministry for the past 19 years is the high concentration of cream of the crop Godly people we get the honor & privilege of meeting and spending quality time with. Contrary to popular belief, it's not the activities that make our adventures so great - it's the people who participate! In this case it starts with the incredible Landry leadership, especially Jen Brown Henriksen (her zeal & passion for life and adventure oozes out of every pore) and trickles down to each Landry attendee. It even includes the GTD staff and the God-awesome tone we strive to set on each event. And most importantly, it's the focus on Jesus who supplies the freedom & joy that binds us together. We loved every minute of our Landry adventure and we can't wait for the next one. But for now we will savor and praise God for the spectacular adventure we just completed!! Thank you Landry, Jen, each participant, our staff & volunteers, and our financial & prayer supporters that enable us to do what we do. Our heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for playing a vital role in this ministry. God bless you all!!!