Sunday, August 16, 2015

Take The Plunge! (Landry Academy Trip)

TAKE THE PLUNGE!! A one word definition for faith is RISK. You can exist for 80 years without ever being fully alive. You have to take risks in order to live out your full God given potential. It isn't easy. You will get hurt. You will fail. You will get rejected. Your heart will be broken. AND in the midst of all these things you will find that fullness of life is not about always succeeding and never falling short, but rather that life is fullest when you are daring and trying and pursuing with all your heart regardless of the outcome. That you are becoming an all-weather human being that can engage life and chase after your deepest dreams and highest calling and still count it all worthwhile even if it doesn't turn out exactly like you imagined it. True failure isn't that you fell short of achieving your dreams. True failure is having dreams that are never pursued. You can live with knowing you gave it all you had, but it's so much more difficult to live with the regrets of never trying. Following Jesus isn't safe and wound free. Chasing your calling isn't a guarantee that you won't be injured or experience deep heartbreaks. Just study the life of Jesus, Paul, the disciples. Living out the Christian faith is full of non stop RISK and dangers, but it is always worth it. Take the plunge! Jump fully into the dreams, passions, and calling that is planted deep within your heart. Start building battle scars from great risks and stop building a life of regrets. Become vulnerable and transparent. Live life with a heart wide open. And in doing so, fully live with a heart that fully worships God. Take the plunge! Jump in! And don't look back!