Friday, July 24, 2015

Cornerstone Covenant Church Has Arrived!

This has been an AWESOME day as we welcomed out new mission team to Costa Rica today! Can you believe this is a church of 65 people and 24 are here!  That's incredible!  

Once team arrived today, they explored the town by completing our FIRST EVER scavenger hunt in town!  It was so much fun as 6 teams ran around town looking for clues, taking pictures, buying goods and attempting to talk to the locals!  They had a blast and the winners won a favorite ice-cream treat favored by all our teams who come here called a TRIT!  

Tonight we wrapped up the evening by each member of the team sharing why they came and a powerful mini message given by Philip Cochran that gave the team a little bit of a challenge this week to look for those moments that could be life changing.

Praise God for this team and all he's about to do!  He is so good!