Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Mission Trip So Far (By Eden of The Seed Church)

Hey y'all! Costa Rica has been absolutely amazing so far! We've been having  so much fun and learning a ton about the Costa Rican culture and what it's  like to share God's love.

First, we went to a local village called Pijije and gave out shoes, toys,  and tooth care kits. The people were very thankful for what they were  given, no matter how small it seemed to us. One girl named Sophie was  ecstatic when Seth Holland gave her a little angel bear beanie baby, and  immediately started to play with it. Another little boy went back into his  house before we left to color in his new coloring book. We were invited  into one family's house, which was pretty much a small, 4 room wooden  structure with a tin roof. She was so proud of it, and I must say, she had  some very pretty lace curtains on her windows. It amazed me that they were  so happy and proud of what we probably wouldn't even call a home, and made  me think about how thankful I am for my house, for my own bedroom, for  everything I have. About the time we were heading home, a few kids kept  coming up to us, asking if we could give their friends shoes. Eventually,  we had to turn them away, much to our dismay because we knew they would  have to go without something like shoes.

Despite such things as that, we have had a great time down in Fortuna. We  went trekking through a local farm with a native named Alfredo, who is  basically the  Costa Rican equivalent to Chuck Norris. We hiked through cow  poop, mud, and over rocks and hills to see howler monkeys and wade around  in the river. Lydia Womble and I stayed up in the front with Alfredo, or at  least we tried to until he disappeared over a hill close to the end. We  have also gone white water rafting. I found it both fun and challenging. It  was fun because I got to raft through a river with two of my really good  friends, Caitlyn Foster and Aaron Estrada, and my dad, Bruce Fussell. I  think it was challenging mainly because I was in the front with my dad, who  is much bigger than me, and every time we had to 'get down', I had to try my  best to squeeze into a compacted space with him. Fun, but not very  comfortable.

Today, we had a carnival in a nearby village called San Bernardo, which was  a very big success, if you ask me. I ran the bracelet-making station with  Caitlyn, and participated in the two skits we did for the kids. It was  really cool, and even though we couldn't always understand each other,  everyone had a great time. This afternoon, we went door-to-door handing out  flyers to the locals telling them about the movie night we'll be having. I  was exposed to the graciousness, hospitality, and overall joy of the people  in Costa Rica. One elderly couple had a pretty long conversation with us,  asking about our team and other things. The lady gave me a kiss on the  cheek when we were done :).

I've learned so much on this trip, everything from the language and  culture, to the lessons learned through the devotionals and opportunities  given to the team while we've been here. Costa Rica has been a great  experience. I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us in the rest of our trip!

- Eden (The Seed Church)