Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eating For Life

Although it's 10 years old & not the most current information, if you are looking for a book on nutrition that is concise (75 pages), super easy to understand & gives you 150 simple recipes then I have to recommend "Eating for Life". It's written by the same guy (Bill Phillips) who created the "Body for Life" workout (which I also do). For me it was a life changer! He talks about how your body basically rebuilds itself each year and the materials it uses to rebuild itself is the food we eat. For too many years I had a body built by Checkers, McDonalds, & Burger King... and my body just felt crappy all the time. Our bodies were designed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, but mine was becoming a shack. Then 10 years ago my sister & I tried this approach to nutrition and it transformed our bodies & health. I'm not a nutritional expert. I'm just a novice "do-it-yourselfer" entry level nutrition attempter. I honestly love the taste of crappy food waaaaaaaay more than healthy food. As I like to say, "The first 4 letters in doughnuts is D-O-U-G!" But, I had to acknowledge that the way I was eating was hurting my body & my ability to excel in the outdoor activities that I lead, & it was hurting my physical potential as well as my future health. With all of this I decided to try a 10 week program and the benefits were almost immediate. I felt better, less tired, more energetic, more alert, more effective. Over the past 10 years I've strayed from the plan several times, usually because of all of our travels and not being prepared to adjust to the challenges inherit with travelling. Anyways, it's not hard to do if you're willing to try. And, unlike what most people think, it's not expensive. I have a very humble budget and I have no problem affording healthier food. You can find both the "Eating for Life" & "Body for Life" books "used" on Amazon for about $5 each... it will be the best $10 you'll ever spend!! Hope this is an encouragement to someone. God bless <><