Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time Flies, The Gash, & Home Bound

Time flies by faster than we can blog!! The last 2 days have been packed full. Our morning devotions have been wonderful. Yesterday we read thru the first part of Galatians chapter 6 and discussed it. We love kicking off the day in The Word and seeking God. Tuesday was a day of exploring Fortuna & Guayabo. We took Heather & Adalyn to get souvenirs from an extremely talented artist in Guayabo. Lela made our favorite Challupa meal for lunch. Alfredo took us on a hiking tour to see monkeys, horses, cows & bulls as we trekked through the open range of Fortuna. Heather, Adalyn, & Laurie went to the town square area to pick up 3 bags of trash (Heather has been wanting to do this all week). We went Thermal Mania to enjoy the hot springs swimming pools (the water is heated by a nearby volcano), a small waterslide, & dinner. BUT, Heather had other plans... on the last slide of the night she slipped and hit the back of her head on the slide and received a pretty nasty gash. She was incredible tough! Adalyn witnessed the whole thing and follwed her mom down the slide to make sure she was alright. Heather said the knock to the head nearly knocked her out. She had a pretty good knot on her head. We called the local doctor and he said he would stay late to stitch her up so we took off for Guayabo to let the doctor look at her. He was a FANTASTIC young man... AND HILARIOUS!! We all wanted to get a gash and have him sew us up!! Heather did great and never even complained throughout the whole ordeal. We eventually got our dinners to go from Thermal Mania and went back to the church to have one last dinner together. There are so many untold stories that happen each day, but it's so amazing how many opportunities we have throughout the day to talk about Jesus with others. We woke up at 6am this morning and drove 3 and a half hours to the San Jose airport. It was tough to say goodbye. God bonded us together over the past 7 days. Heather is a fun-loving, engaging, woman of God. And Adalyn is one of the most amazing young people I've ever met. We already miss them! We found a brand new Walmart in Costa Rica so we spent a couple of hours checking it out. We are about to drive back to the church. Sorry for all the random thoughts!! I'm typing this on my phone while eating lunch - LOL!! Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts & love!! God bless =)

PS: More pictures to come soon =)