Friday, February 3, 2012

CR2012 Is Off To A Good Start =)

After a 5 hour drive from the airport we arrived to the church in Fortuna (near Guayabo). We could see that there was a Thursday night church service going on as we pulled up. As soon as we opened the car doors we could hear the people signing worship songs to God as they sang, "Hallelulah, hallelulah, hallelulah". I can't tell you how blessed we were as soon as that beautiful sound touched our ears. The church immediately welcomed us and brought us up in front of the congregation to show us some love. We were so happy to report to them that we are bringing 8 groups back to serve the Lord with them this summer. And they were happy too as they all clapped loudly.

Afterwards we ate a late dinner in the small town and drove our "adopted" son home to save him from a 1 hour walk. It's such a great feeling to embrace our adopted Costa Rican extended "family" each time we see them. The love of Jesus just oozes out of them.

We got a great nights sleep last night... except Adalyn was a little afraid of some lizards she saw crawling in & around her room.

This morning we planned out our meals & grocery list with Lela (one of the best cooks we've ever had!!). Then we had a wonderful devotion time as we read Eph 6:10-18 and spent some personal time with God praying & reading His word. Afterward we spent some time talking about what God is teaching us. It was a special time.

We just had brunch at a small restaurant in Guayabo and the crew is grocery shopping at Super Chavez (the local small grocery store in town).

Tonight we are participating in a Bible study with a group in the poorest part of Fortuna that receives their housing through the government. We love these people & can't wait to be a part of what God is doing there.

Thank you for your prayers & for following our mission trip.