Saturday, February 11, 2012

FANTASTIC 2 Days In Costa Rica!!

I will try to keep this short... so here are the bullet points:
- After painting yesterday we were invited to have lunch in the home of our amiga "Jadida"... Yummy, yummy in my tummy tummy ;)

- We then had a 2 hour meeting with Pastor Danilo & "Jami" (I don't know how to spell most Costa Rican's names - LOL!!) to plan out the next 8 mission trips as well as some long term planning.

- Then our new amigo Victor invited us to his house for his 4 year old daughter's birthday party. It was an honor to celebrate with her & her family!!

- We were then off to have dinner at the home of our "adopted son" (pretend adoption) "Jixon" along with his mom & step-dad. His mom made a great dinner of chicken, rice & beans, and pasta salad... delicious!!


- Laurie was up at 6am to go with Pastor Danilo, his wife, & our amiga "Jenni" to a youth camp discipleship leadership training.

- Toly & I (Doug) stayed in Fortuna and went to a work day at the government housing area named "Margarita". We worked along with church members & the rehab men to prepare Margarita's "community center" for a restoration project that will be overseen by Samaritan's Purse in a few weeks. Afterwards the rehab men cleaned up the kid's playground which has been run-down for years. I was so impressed with the rehab men!! They are my new friends... and new heroes =)

- My amigo Alfredo took Toly & I on an awesome adventure to see how coffee is made, how sugar is made, & to dump off about 30 bags of debris from the work project. He asked me to drive his truck... and I loved it (and every part of this adventure).

- Laurie & I went horseback riding with "Jixon" to a few waterfalls near the volcano to check it out for future groups!! I did this trek back in 2006, but Laurie never has. Loved it!- We then rushed to have dinner at the home of our cook & amiga - Lila!! Another wonderful meal by a wonderful woman!!

I wish I had time to share about each interaction and the many special moments God has blessed us with. We are blown away & humbled by all the doors that God is opening!! Until the next post, enjoy the following pics... Goodnight & God bless!! =)