Friday, August 5, 2011


(This isn't me... it's just a picture off the internet)
I've been working many late hours over the past two weeks to get caught up on 7 weeks of office work piled up on my desk (and all around my desk). It's the challenging part of being gone for so long, even after 50 straight days of 16 hour work days in the field, much office work awaits me upon my return.

About 75% of GTD work is actually office work. Many people would probably be surprised to find out that on average I probably put in 60 hours a week working on the administrative aspects of running this amazing ministry, and most of that is in front of a computer screen. You will probably find that is true with most small business owners. I've been doing that for 15 years. It has to be a passion or else all the unending needs of your organization will overwhelm you and literally suck the life out of you. That has happened to me several times. That also happened to the Apostle Paul and several disciples as they carried on the Great Commission after Jesus ascended. I praise God that my spiritual gift is administration or else I'm sure all the time in the office would burn me out (again =)).

It's been 2 full years since we had to downsize our full time staff to just me and Laurie. In many ways, the work load stayed the same, but we've had less workers. Thankfully, through the power of Christ, I have been working tirelessly for the past 2 years to get GTD to a place where it can be managed by only two full time staffers... and it's almost there. My goal is to cut our office hours in half to 30 hours per week so we can spend more time investing in the lives of our interns and volunteers and young people. I feel like I've been chopping down the same tree for 2 years... trees don't fall until you've chopped about 90% of the way through. That means that 90% of the time you are chopping you don't see much movement. When you look up at the tree it's still standing very tall. You have to keep chopping. You have to see the significance in each little splinter of wood that flies out with each chop. I'm 85% of the way through this tree. I can hear the remaining 15% cracking. That signifies it can't resist my perseverance much longer. I'm about to win a major victory as this tree falls to forces of gravity (the Holy Spirit) and the inspired efforts of a Christ follower who won't give up. Oh, I look forward to yelling one joyous shout very soon... "Timber!"

- duG (dependent upon God)