Saturday, August 27, 2011


Do U want 2 grow? Do U want to b complete? Do U want to NOT b lacking? Then U must persevere thru difficulties. Whenever U give up, wherever U stop keeping-on keeping-on... that's the level U stay at until U die or until U go back pick up the cross again and go-on. We live n a culture full of peeps that gave up when they were 13 and rebelled against every difficult instruction, chore, authority, law... they countinued to age, but they stopped growing. They've become the drama kings & queens of our time. They are the emotional train wrecks that fill up Reality TV shows. Like a cup full of delicious sugar... it excites the taste buds, but leaves the stomach empty... they are entertaining people, but empty lives. Don't go that route. Persevere! Don't give up when things r tough or else U will always stay right where U quit. To grow the distance U have to GO THE DISTANCE in CHRIST. Check out James 1:2-4