Friday, August 12, 2011

Rafting, Manhunt, & Blown Transmission

The group enjoyed a fun time swimming & jumping off rocks at Blue Hole yesterday. Blue Hole is a segment of the Ocoee River designed for the 1996 Olympic kayaking events. During the weekends Blue Hole becomes class 4's & 5's rapids for white water rafting, but during the weekdays the water is dammed off & rerouted through hydrolyic power plants. This leaves standing water in the river bed which creates amazing swimming holes. It's a fantastic place to bring groups & families :).

After Blue Hole the group made their way to White Water Express (WWX) to stay in cabins for the night & go rafting today. They LOVE this place!! They played volleyball, frisbee, ping pong, cards, pranks... and manhunt for hours. After a few hours of actual sleep the students had breakfast and just departed on their white water rafting adventure. Laurie is riding along the river and taking pictures at some of the best rapids so everyone will be able to share in the rafting experience (after we upload the pics).

Unfortunately, the GTD truck's transmission bit the dust yesterday while pulling the equipment trailer through the mountains. Praise the Lord, the WWX staff drove to the rescue as they picked up the trailer and towed it to the outpost. We were able to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and "limp" the remaining 5 miles to WWX. I (Doug) will be spending the morning working on a gameplan for our trip home this afternoon... more info to come. After 15 years of running a mobile ministry I have learned to "count it all joy" (James 1:2) as I know God is going to work it all out in a way that adds more memories, more team unity & more spiritual growth. I'm looking fwd to what lies ahead :).

More updates to come :)