Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Love The Family of God

I just got off the phone with Alvin from Aamco in Chattanooga, TN. They are rebuilding our transmission. I've had several phone conversations with Alvin and he just confirmed what I already thought, he is a Christ follower. Everytime I talked to him he had this humble, loving, thoughtful, caring, impathetic kindness to him that had J-E-S-U-S spelled all over his tone of voice. He asked about our ministry and I shared with him all about GTD. That's when he told me he is a Christian. That's when he told me his phylosphy for running his business, "We treat every customers like the way we would want our wives treated as customers." I can hear all the wife jokes now... but that's not a punchline to a joke to Alvin... it's a conviction of the heart, even greater, a conviction of the soul. And it's a reflection of his love for his God, his wife, & his customers. Alvin then gave me a $100 internet coupon I didn't know about... then he doubled it... then he gave me another $50 credit... then he upgraded the torque converter to the highest quality (usually a $200 fee) for no additional cost. And why did he do all this? Simply because, as he puts it, "It's the right thing to do." That's the beauty of being changed by Jesus. That's the beauty of being part of the family of God. Another mechanic may have squeezed more money out of us. Another mechanic may have seen another way to make a profit. Not Alvin. Not this brother in Christ. He saw a way to cut his profit to help a ministry he has never heard of simply because his heart is in the hands of God. Thank you Alvin, you touched my heart and encouraged my soul. May the Lord richly bless you... as you have blessed us. =)
And that's not all. The camp that we take students to each summer that provides white water rafting is called White Water Express. They have allowed us to stay in their cabins at no charge while the transmission is repaired. They also, are a Christian based company and have shown us great love & kindness. They have touched our hearts as they have blessed our ministry.
And did I mention that the beautiful truck we have is a donation from 2 dear friends who we greatly love and who greatly love us and this ministry... for those who follow our ministry will remember this amazing truck donation (F250 - King Ranch Edition) that we receieved last year. I am still speechless today.
Oh, and during our financially leanest months of the year (right now: Aug & Sept) my parents - Jerry & Ann Garner (JAG) - have come to the rescue again by providing a 0% interest loan to repair the transmission.
Oh I hate to receive handouts, but that's not what this is... it's a group hug from the family of God... it's how God uses others to bless others. When you are on the giving side it is more blessed than words can describe... when you are on the receiving side it is overwhelming, humbling, and describable by one phrase, "Thank You Jesus!"