Saturday, October 7, 2023


On our 17 mile backpacking trip a couple of weeks ago (with the Men's Advance Group of Calvary Baptist Church of Clearwater) Rey was baptized next to a majestic 3 tier waterfall deep in the wilderness near the TN/GA stateline by Associate Pastor Justin Facenda. Rey had hit some pretty heavy lows in his life a couple of years ago and found his way back to Jesus. Now he wanted to be baptized, and there aren't many places better to do that than in the middle of the wilderness next to a waterfall. We hiked 17 miles in 3 days and crossed (literally walked thru) the river 42 times on this epic adventure, but the best part wasn't the adventure... the best part was the authentic brotherly bonds we made thru Jesus as we adventured together, and, of course, Rey's baptism. That's what it's all about! Thank You Jesus!!